How To Deploy VNC via Group Policy

deploy vnc via group policy
If you know how to deploy a .MSI package via a group policy object (or GPO) then you know how easy it can make your life as a network or systems administrator. For a long time I was wanting to deploy a VNC client across my domain in order for my helpdesk to support end users on our company’s network. The biggest issue I faced with this was not how to push it but how to configure it. There seems to be a shortage of blogs out there that describe how this can be done so I worked with a friend of mine (Jesse Vaughn) and we decided that we would blog about our experience with this. We hope this can help you deploy and configure VNC via group policy pre-configured with passwords and other settings that you may want to use.      Enjoy 😀

What you will need…..

We will be deploying Tight VN...
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